Miss Africa Crown International Model Competition, Fashion Show 2019

"Beauty With Purpose"


The Biggest And The Most Prestigious African Beauty Pageant In Sweden. The Miss Africa Crown International Pageant Is A Beauty Pageant Fostered To Promote African BEAUTY, TALENT & UNITY but mostly pride in our HERITAGE. Miss Africa Crown International Girl contest involves each contestant showcasing a piece of their tradition and culture either through dance or an act. Enjoy the cultural diversity and richness of Africa from the African Nations represented by beautiful and dynamic young African girls

The application for 2019 are open. First audition will be in May. Grand Finale schedule 5th October 2019 in Stockholm Sweden

As a titleholder of a Miss Africa Crown, one of the skills she should possess is good communication skills. Most of her public appearances as a goodwill ambassador or at a fundraiser event would require her to make a commendable speech about the cause she is supporting. She would be expected to promote the event stating clearly why people should follow her example. A Miss Africa Crown titleholder is not just an eminent person on special occasions. Apart from proving her intelligence, talent and pleasing personality as the winner, she is an advocate of social service. She has a huge moral responsibility and has to maintain a respectable character. She must also be appealing and approachable to people of all age groups, especially the young. A Miss Africa Crown titleholder is an inspiration to hundreds of youngsters aspiring to achieve like her. She is an image of a well-educated and successful personality. With her success, she also plays a big role in promoting her country.

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POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread® is a voluntary global HIV/AIDS response campaign that tours the world working with beauty queens, models, fashion designers, music artists and celebrities from film, music, television, sport and other arts as influential advocates in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and other scourges affecting today’s young generation such as child trafficking, sexual responsibility, child abuse, drugs abuse, gun and knife violence, as well as negative peer pressure, among many other vices.